Cyan Studio

“Design on its own, as amazing as it might be, will not do the job. Only design that integrates marketing strategy tailored to its target audience will promote a business toward achieving the objectives it has set for itself.”
Iris Chen

About the studio
The design experience is a total experience. Any business that visits the studio for the first time, full of enthusiasm and passionate about creativity, but with many unanswered questions regarding the best way for the business to transmit its message and the uniqueness of its product or service, will attest to the extent of the comprehensive experience of designing with Studio Cyan.
Through coordinated teamwork, we will identify the objectives of the business or the brand that the business wants to promote, and we will define the target audience. We will identify the desires of the potential clients, and the precise message that will prompt them to be your business’s next paying customers.
With all these in mind, we will develop the optimal marketing, image and design concept.
Cyan Studio’s design tools are first and foremost our attentiveness, openness and creative thinking. These are joined by extensive marketing knowledge, strategic marketing thinking and in-depth familiarity with the advertising world, and expertise in most advanced contemporary design methods for the Internet and printed materials.
Studio Cyan also offers complementary services such as: copywriting, public relations, image photography, product photography, video production, marketing texts, high quality printing, upgraded for advertising products.
The studio’s work process includes a thorough marketing analysis of the business’s objectives and the creation of a design line that will have the greatest potential for achieving those objectives.
The objectives will be achieved using all the tools that create winning business branding: a strong name, logo and slogan, and a uniform distinctive design line for all the advertising in all types of media: products and digital and printed media.
Our target audience

  • New businesses
  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Veteran businesses that need rebranding or the revitalization of an existing brand

Our solutions include all the stages:
From building the concept and business branding (name, logo, slogan) to website design and construction, banner design, landing pages and marketing materials design and printing (business cards, advertising flyers, folders, rollups, press releases, billboards, etc.)
A little about me:
I was first exposed to the wonders of the design world about 22 years ago, as manager of a chain of photography stores that provided advertising campaign photography production services to the leading Israeli advertising companies. In my work there I lived the product, the visuals and the tremendous impact of a picture, design, message, words and graphics.
That was during the evolutionary period of the world of photography and graphic design. Those years represented a breakthrough into the world of endless opportunities for digital photography and design and the world of computers. The more I learned about this field, the more I recognized the tremendous power of design on the purchasing decisions of the customers and decisions in general.

or me, it was love at first sight and an opening into the wonderful world in which I continue to develop and create each and every day.

In the early years of my professional career I studied graphic design, multimedia, art, marketing and advertising and accumulated work experience at advertising companies and a graphic production studio.
In 2001 I founded Cyan Studio, out of a desire to apply all the knowledge I had gained and give my customers a one-stop-shop solution that would promote their businesses by defining their concept, and providing them with winning business branding and advertising and marketing materials.

Results are everything – Strong business branding plus unique advertising materials that convey the concept and marketing message that brings customers to your business!
At Cyan Studio every customer receives individual attention, a patient and attentive ear, and professional customized consulting services, from the initial stage of creating the design line until the delivery of the finished product – whether the job is for business branding, website design and construction, market advice or the design and production of printed materials.
In May 2016 I launched the book that I wrote: Date with a Customer – the path to winning branding. The book was a big success and received excellent reviews.
The Hebrew version can be purchased via this website, at Steimatzky or at Tzomet Sfarim, or in digital format. To see the Hebrew reviews of the book, click here.
I invite you to meet with me for a free initial consultation
At this meeting I will show you the wide range of jobs that I have done, to give you an idea of my professional knowledge and to examine the possibility of working together…
Take the first step toward your success by calling me at: 052-2531159, Iris.